Babiš: Journalists abusing my son’s illness will get sued

My ex-wife’s attorney filed a criminal complaint against two journalists from Seznam Zprávy, the Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš told Blesk.

editor: REMIX NEWS

Babiš said the complaint has been filed over a hidden camera filming of his son in Switzerland, who is suffering from schizophrenia. It is against Swiss law to film someone without his knowledge, they abused him and his illness in order to take me down, he added referring to the case as the Palermo coup.

Babiš also claimed he was completely unaware of what was underway at the Seznam, even though one of the journalists asked him about his son’s whereabouts, on which Babiš refused to comment. According to Babiš, journalists are now in Ukraine, trying to find his son’s girlfriend. The PM called their efforts vulturism, adding he met the girlfriend in Geneva without mentioning whether she is living with his son or not, in order to protect them.

I haven’t had a single thought about my resignation, I don’t want to leave until all the work is done, because I succeeded in this country and that’s how I can get it back, Babiš said in the interview.


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