Another Polish municipality sues LGBT activist responsible for fake ‘LGBT-free zone’ signs

The Tuszów Narodowy municipality had demanded that Bart Staszewski apologize to the local government and publicly correct himself in the media

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: TVP Info

A second Polish municipality is now suing a Polish LGBT activist after he placed “LGBT-free zone” signs under the road signs leading into certain municipalities in Poland, a move which has led to international media outlets and politicians to actually believe LGBT people are not allowed in certain areas of the country. 

The Polish National Foundation, which supports the municipality in its legal case, has stated that Tuszów Narodowy in Southern Poland is the second municipality after Zakrzówek which is suing Staszewski over his actions.

The foundation emphasized that the local government passed the “Position of the municipal council of Tuszów Nardowy to stop LGBT ideology” bill in which an adherence and support for traditional values was expressed, as well as the decision to raise children in accordance with their parents’ wills without political correctness.

“This bill does not entail the discrimination of anyone, or the exclusion of certain persons from society,” the foundation underlined.

Due to the mass-scale disinformation created by Staszewski’s operation to take photos with the fake signs and post them online, Tuszów Narodowy sued him for defamation.

The local government demands an official apology from the activist, as well as the inclusion of a correction in every media outlet which declared that Tuszów was an ‘LGBT-free zone’.”


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