‘Border protection, family policy, Christian culture’ – Hungary’s Orbán meets Spanish Vox party leader Santiago Abascal in Budapest

The two parties must represent traditional European values

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Dénes Albert

The future of Europe must not lack the voices of the parties committed to the freedom and traditions of the European nations, which represent many millions of citizens committed to traditional European values, agreed Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and the chairman of the rapidly growing Vox Party in Spain, Santiago Abascal. 

The two political leaders met yesterday to discuss areas of cooperation, Orbán’s press secretary Bertalan Havasi told national news agency MTI. Abascal’s conservative Vox party has been growing in prominence in Spain. Following the national elections in 2019, Vox secured 3.6 million votes (18 percent) and 52 seats in the Congress of Deputies, becoming the third-largest party in the country. 

Katalin Novák, vice-president of Fidesz, also took part in a meeting with the president of the Spanish party, which professes Christian Democratic principles and opposes multiculturalism and immigration.


Abascal, who is also a member of Spanish Parliament and Orbán said they both agreed that Europe needs national sovereignty and border protection, proper family policies and respect for every country’s cultural roots.

“Meeting with Vox President Santiago Abascal. Border protection, family policy, Christian culture – we believe this is what the future of Europe depends on!” Orbán wrote about the meeting in a Facebook post.

Orban has been working to unify national-conservative political movements along with political leaders in Poland and Italy. Vox is seen as a potentially strong ally if the party continues it meteoric rise in Spain. 

Title image: Hungarian Prime Minister and President of the ruling conservative Fidesz party Viktor Orbán meets Santiago Abascal, Chairman of the Spanish Vox party in Budapest on May 27, 2021. (source: Prime Minister’s Office) 


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