Coronavirus leaves Poles with bleak outlook: survey

Poles, like many others around the world, are reeling from the effects of coronavirus

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Martyna Kośka

According to a new poll, Poles foresee a rise in prices of food, lower salaries and the bankruptcy of many companies.

The survey by IQS1 shows that 84 percent of Poles say they already feel the effects of the pandemic.

Poles are also worried about the future, with 79 percent saying they are concerned that the current situation will lead to a further increase in prices of food, that someone close to them will fall ill (72 percent) and that many companies will go bankrupt (72 percent).

Life in Poland has undergone several restrictions in the last week. Since March 12, schools have been closed and most service and trade points are not operating. This state of emergency will last longer than the previously announced 14 days.

Many Poles worry not only about their health, but also about how the market will look like in a few weeks.


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