Czech industrial production grows for five years in a row

Czech industrial production ranks 12th among the EU28 with a 2 percent share on the EU’s total production. Czech industrial production increased year-on-year by 3 percent, which remains above the EU average. It has grown for five consecutive years.

editor: REMIX NEWS

According to the Czech Statistical Office, the leading industrial producer is Germany with a 30 percent share, followed by Great Britain, Italy, and France. Czechia has always been one of the most industrial counties in Europe, now more than half of the country’s production goes to export, said Radek Matějka, Director of the Industrial Statistics Unit.

Last year, Czech industrial production improved year-on-year in 9 months and was lower only in March, September, and December. July marked the highest growth rate at 10.2 percent and March the biggest drop by 1.5 percent. By comparison, in 2017 Czech industrial production increased year-on-year by 6.5 percent.

Production of computers, electronic, optical and electrical devices and metalwork contributed the most to the growth of industrial production. The leather manufacturing industry, for example, decreased by more than a third.

According to Matějka, the data shows that Czech industry growth doesn’t have to rely fully on the automotive industry, which doesn’t contribute the most to overall production anymore. Also, the energy industry despite its small share has been crucial for smooth energy supply, he added.


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