Czech Republic to send 11.5 million euros to Turkey

The Czech Republic plan to contribute to the European financial assistance for migrants in Turkey with approximately 11.5 million EUR during 2019-23.

editor: REMIX NEWS

The EU agreed with Turkey on financial assistance schemes in 2016, in return, Turkey is expected to stop migrants fleeing to Europe via the Greek islands. In 2016, the assistance approved by the EU added up to 3 billion EUR and earlier this year, EU28 agreed to allocate additional 3 billion EUR to Turkey, out of which 2 billion will be taken from the EU budget and 1 should be covered directly by the member states.

According to a current proposal that is a part of the government’s agenda to be discussed on Tuesday, the Czech Republic should pay 11.38 million EUR (296 million CZK) in annual installments. Next year’s payment is supposed to be 2.57 million EUR, with 3.34 the year after. The three remaining payments from the Czech budget will be lower.

Turkey has accepted over 3.5 million Syrian refugees so far, the most of all countries. In the past, migrants used to continue on boats to the Greek islands and seek asylum in the EU. In this regard, the EU-Turkey agreement has been successful. The agreement includes a commitment for Turkey to accept the return of all migrants who reached the Greek islands through Turkey and by sea.


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