Czech Senate supports right to use weapons in self-defense

Should Europe have more rights for gun owners?

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Czech News Agency

On Thursday, the Senate of the Czech Republic agreed to allow Czech citizens to defend themselves and others with a weapon under certain conditions.

The new change to the law was supported through an amendment to the Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms, and originally proposed by a group of Senators led by former Police President Martin Červíček.

The proposed amendment to the Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms is based on a petition signed by 102,000 people, including many constitutional officials. The petition was issued by hunters and other weapon owners who disagreed with the European Commission’s efforts to limit ownership of weapons, including those held legally.

The Commission argued that such a limit is a necessary measure to fight terrorism. However, critics of the EU proposal pointed out that terrorists mostly use weapons obtained illegally, so the EU measure would not help in this regard. They also underlined how law-abiding gun owners were being punished by the actions of a few.

According to supporters of the Czech proposal, the amendment is designed to prevent the disarmament of potential victims.

“It is a symbolic promotion of existing law,” commented Červíček on the draft approved by the Senate, adding that the amendment will in no way lead to the uncontrolled spread of weapons.

The new amended proposal states, “The right to defend oneself as well as others with a weapon will be guaranteed under the conditions set by law.”

Critics of the Senate’s efforts to legalize self-defense say the amendment is redundant.


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