Czechia is an increasingly proud nation

Feelings of pride for Czech citizens reach new highs.

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Czech News Agency

Czechs’ feelings of pride in being citizens of the Czech Republic are at their highest in 14 years, according to the results of a Public Opinion Research Centre (CVVM) poll.

Public Opinion Research Centre (CVVM) had conducted a poll on citizens’ feelings about their nationality since 2001. This year, 53 percent of respondents expressed their pride in being Czech citizens.

Since the poll’s inception, only in 2001 and 2005 did peoples’ pride in being Czech citizens reach a higher score than this year. In 2001, 54 percent of the respondents felt pride in being Czech citizens while in 2005 it was 57 percent. The lowest score was recorded in 2013 when only 39 percent of people admitted being proud of their Czech citizenship.

Overall, the level of shame in being Czech citizens is very low this year as only six percent of people expressed such a feeling. In 2001, it was even lower, only four percent of people felt ashamed of being Czech citizens.

While determining which groups of people are the proudest of being Czech citizens, CVVM found out that pensioners and people with university education have the most positive feelings about their Czech citizenship. Among the supporters of political parties, this positive feeling was the most present among the voters of the ANO movement.

Although feelings of pride in being citizens of the Czech Republic fluctuated in the past, the vast majority of Czechs consistently state that they do not want to live anywhere else other than in the Czech Republic.

According to this year’s survey, if people could choose any country to live in, 77 percent of Czechs would choose the Czech Republic. That is the largest number since 2001.


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