Former President Vaclav Klaus sharply criticizes Merkel

Angela Merkel regards opinions of ordinary people as right-wing radicalism, which is an insult to millions of Germans.

editor: REMIX NEWS

According to Klaus, Merkel is “misusing the German historical guilty conscience, German anti-Semitism, which led to the Holocaust and the Auschwitz furnace, to intimidate citizens.”

The Chancellor is only downplaying devastating impacts of migration by referring to recent violence as an act of individuals. Klaus, who is openly supporting anti-immigrant AfD, called Merkel’s words a mockery of the reality, while neglected the excesses of the far-right extremist. European democrats cannot tolerate this, he said.

Klaus reacted to Merkel’s statement on Monday, in which she named three major challenges that Germany is currently facing – rising right-wing radicalism, anti-Semitism and violent behavior of individual immigrants.


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