‘France welcomed a record 600,000 people last year,’ warns French mayor while calling for more restrictions

The mayor of Cannes said that a record 600,000 migrants entered the country in 2022

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: John Cody

During an appearance on the Europe 1 television station, the mayor of the French city of Cannes, David Lisnard, warned that immigration has become a major problem in France after it accepted a record 600,000 migrants last year. He says the government must bring immigration under control or risk societal consequences.

“It is communication itself that creates the problem. Immigration has become a major problem in France, we received more or less 600,000 people last year — 600,000. This is a (new) record. Hence, we must close the taps on immigration today, in the interest of the balance of French society,” said Lisnard.

Lisnard was critical of French President Emmanuel Macron and his government, indicating that they focus more on “communication” regarding the issue of immigration rather than actually enforcing immigration law:

All we see are (…) the exclusions of security on the part of the executive. Immigrants should be given the proper conditions for assimilation. (…) Laws are multiplying. There is a problem of legislation, which has to be adapted and adjusted, the denial of legal residence in France must be re-established. But besides politics, laws and rules, there is also the implementation. Of course, we can have a discourse on legislation, but we must also realize at what point did the implementation decline and the executive has declined, and at which point it has been focused on communications sequences. The executive has to execute, it has to confront solutions and evaluation, that is the way to regain confidence.

As Remix News previously reported, a broad range of voices are raising the alarm about mass immigration in France, including former DGSE director and former ambassador Pierre Brochand. The former intelligence chief said during an appearance on state-owned France Culture radio.

“Fifty years ago, we had the best public services in the world. We were proud and the whole world envied them. Today, they are vilified by everyone, and we complain about them. So what happened in between?

The 35-hour workweek cannot be ignored, it indeed played a role. But every year we accept 450,000 people who have not contributed a cent to the infrastructure they will use from day one. We’ve taken on board 2.6 million people in the last five years. How do you expect those people, who then become over-consumers and under-contributors, not to put unbearable pressure on public services?”

Brochand warned that France is on its way to becoming a Third World country if immigration continues unabated, especially given the enormous costs as well as soaring crime associated with France’s foreign population.

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Polling shows two-thirds of the French want a stricter immigration policy; however, under Macron, migration numbers hit a new record in 2022. France also remains unable to deport many migrants, even those with criminal records, which in some cases has had tragic consequences, including the rape and murder last year of 12-year-old Lola by an Algerian migrant long scheduled for deportation. Data shows that only 0.2 percent of Algerians scheduled for deportation were actually deported in 2021.

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