General Pavel: We have a problem with political correctness

General Pavel says we must distinguish between decency and exaggerated political correctness, because we have way too much of the latter in NATO, Europe and the Czech Republic.

editor: REMIX NEWS

General Pavel believes that efforts to protect religion or culture could be counter-productive. For example, we are irrationally over-protecting Muslims, he says, mentioning removed Christmas trees in order to not offend minorities. At the same time, Pavel said we have legal and moral obligations to take care of refugees. But it also has to be under control, because unregulated illegal migration is a serious problem. On the other hand, the migration issue in our country is purposely biased and overrated.

The Czech political environment is full of labelling opponents without taking the time to think about their views. According to Pavel the reason behind this is an erosion of our values, we’ve become a player of fake news. He also speaks against an excessive push for gender balance, saying he doesn’t approve of gender quotas which are again an extreme example of correctness.

Most people do not realize the real threat is Russia and its propaganda, believes Pavel. There are loads of websites, institutions and associations working as Russian bullhorns in order to undermine our values. Unfortunately, they’ve been successful so far.


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