Germany should have a meat tax, says Green Party food minister while criticizing Germans’ eating habits

“We should eat less meat overall,” said the German federal minister of food and agriculture

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: John Cody
Federal Minister of Food and Agriculture Cem Özdemir is proposing a meat tax in Germany.

Federal Minister of Food and Agriculture Cem Özdemir (Greens) has accused the Germans of eating the wrong food, a move that should be remedied with a tax on meat.

“We should eat less meat overall and make sure it comes from animals that are kept in a species-appropriate manner,” he told t-online. He advises “adapting meat consumption to planetary boundaries and for the sake of our health.”

Özdemir said those who eat less meat are having a positive effect on society, adding, “It is healthier, good for the climate, and helps the global food situation because areas get freed up that we previously needed for cultivating animal feed.”

The minister has put forward the proposal to discourage meat consumption and fund improved care for animals with a tax.

Özdemir also wants to implement reforms in agriculture.

“The current animal husbandry system relies primarily on as much cheaply produced meat as possible,” said Özdemir. “In the end, everyone loses — farmers, animals, the climate, and the environment.”

At the same time, he criticized one coalition partner, the economically liberal Free Democrats (FDP). He said he had presented several proposals for financing animal husbandry reforms, but they have rejected these proposals.

“Unfortunately, I’ve only ever heard from the FDP what they don’t want. At some point, they should say what they want.”

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