Hundub: Hungary’s new social media network wants to counter left-wing Twitter and Facebook

Is this the new Hungarian Facebook? Hundub debuts to counter censorship and provide an open forum for free speech

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Remix News Staff

Web developers in Hungary recently launched a social media network called Hundub which seeks to provide an alternative webspace to netizens that’s free of the extreme left-wing political censorship which plagues social networks like Twitter and Facebook. The primary feature of the social network is that — unlike other social networks like Facebook and Twitter — there are no so-called “protected groups”.

Creators of the social network say that any user is free to say essentially anything they want about the government or the opposition, COVID-19, or any minority or majority group. “We are Hungarian civilians who do not want to be public figures, but who do our best to build a Hungarian social network,” the developers behind the project say, Hungarian news portal Noizz reports .

The new social network does, however, prohibit the use of totalitarian symbols or incitement to commit a crime which falls under the Hungarian penal code. Furthermore, developers of the network ask users to refrain from sharing images or videos depicting extreme violence, nudity, or any kind of sexual act. As of today, more than 40,000 individuals have signed up to use Hundub, which is significant considering the short amount of the time that the site has been operating and that the website is in Hungarian.

Given the banning of President Donald Trump from Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, conservatives, libertarians and free thinkers have been migrating en masse to other social networks like Gab and Parler, however, Parler currently remains offline after Amazon Web Services cut its housing for the site. “We understand that Facebook wants to dominate everything, but we believe in free competition. Our message to our detractors is the following: neither Orbán nor Soros are behind us. We want to run Hundub on our own with community funding,” the company wrote in a post. The funding behind the new social media startup is vague; however, it is known that one of the owners of Hundub Ltd. is an offshore company. “We do not seek to create trends or influence anyone or anything,” Csaba Pál, the founder of Hundub, said. The government of Viktor Orbán, which regularly speaks out against the extreme censorship of right-wing ideas that prevails in the West, thinks that through Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg is essentially carrying out an undercover strategic communication operation.

Justice Minister Varga on Dec. 14 accused Facebook of having made her personal page less visible to the public after she published a post which highlighted the highly decisive role that Zuckerberg’s social media giant will play in Hungary’s parliamentary election elections in the spring of 2022. Recently, the speaker of parliament, László Köver, said that powerful forces will be in set motion in Brussels and Washington D.C. in order to manipulate the outcome of the parliamentary election. Opposition MP Ákos Hadházy has made the baseless claim that Orbán and his political allies are behind the newly launched social network. “The government could follow the Russian model and prepare to shut down Facebook,” Hadházy claimed, adding that Hundub could be used as a new channel for the ruling Fidesz party to reach out to its supporters and collect valuable data in an election campaign.

During his weekly interview on Kossuth Radio, Orbán said that under the ‘Soros Plan’ the European Union would like to give 34 million migrants housing, social benefits, and then citizenship . “If the Left in Europe give the franchise to 34 million people, then they will be able to rely on their votes and support for a very long time,” Orbán pointed out. Orbán told Kossuth Radio listeners that the left-wing opposition in Hungary are also seriously considering implementing the ‘Soros Plan’ in order to establish long-lasting electoral hegemony. “We cannot allow them to transform Hungary,” the prime minister stressed.


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