Hungarian truckers sue six companies for €7.6 million

One hundred private transporters sue truckmakers.

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Gyula Jámbor

One hundred Hungarian freight companies are suing European truck manufacturers for damages and related interest amounting to 2.5 billion forints (€7.6 million) following a European Union’s fine for price collusion.

The case goes back to July 2016, when the European Union levied a near-record €3 billion fine on six truckmakers, MAN, Volvo/Renault,  Mercedes, Iveco, and DAF, after evidence that the companies coordinated their wholesale prices for almost 15 years until 2011.

On behalf of the Hungarian freight companies’ association, NiT Hungary, a German law firm has launched group actions in seventeen county courts representing some 100 plaintiffs who claim to have paid too much for a total of 1,000 trucks.

If Hungarian truck drivers are successful, it would represent just under one percent of the total reparations the six companies could face.

The European Road Haulers Association is currently suing the manufacturers in six class-action lawsuits in Munich, Germany. The six cases involve over 7,000 freight firms that purchased approximately 200,000 trucks, demanding reparations of €827 million.

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