Lajčák to resign after Slovaks reject Migration Pact

The Slovak parliament rejected the UN global migration pact and asked the coalition government of Peter Pellegrini to leave the process of its acceptance. Right after that, Miroslav Lajčák resigned as Slovak foreign minister.

editor: REMIX NEWS

With no further details, the Ministry announced that Foreign Minister Miroslav Lajčák has decided, following today’s vote to resign. The spokesman of president Kiska stated that they had not received any resignation yet. According to the Slovak Constitution, Lajčák must give his resignation into the PM and president’s hands. The Migration Pact was being prepared at a time when Lajčák served as the President of the United Nations General Assembly, ending this September. That is why he supported the Pact.

Smer-SD as the strongest coalition party voted with the Slovak National Party (SNS) and Sme Rodina for refusing the pact. The Most-Hid and the opposition group Freedom and Solidarity abstained from voting, deputies of another opposition party Ordinary people and independents (OĽaNO) did not take part.

Finally, deputies were added to a resolution that Slovakia is a sovereign country with its migration policy, and that the economically motivated migration is negative and poseses security risks as well. They also confirmed the country’s refusal attitude towards the mandatory redistribution of refugees.

Rumor has it that former PM Robert Fico could be the new foreign minister, but Fico said that he wants the current minister Lajčák to stay in position. In recent months, Smer-SD officials have repeatedly labeled Lajčák as the best possible candidate for the direct election of president next year. Lajčák himself had previously refused to run for president because he wants to stay in diplomacy. According to opinion polls, Lajčák was a favorite for winning the presidential election.


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