Mike Pence will take part in Warsaw Middle East conference

US Vice President Mike Pence will take part in the Warsaw Middle East conference in February. The main subject of Pence’s speech will be cooperation in building a strong and economically stable Middle East.

editor: REMIX NEWS

The news was broken on Twitter by TVP US correspondent Zuzanna Falzmann: “Breaking News!: Vice President Mike Pence is to fly to Poland! American sources have told me that Mike Pence plans to be at the Middle East conference, which will take place in Warsaw between February 13th and 14th.”

The White House has confirmed that Mike Pence will visit both Poland and Germany between February 13th and 16th, 2019.

In Warsaw Pence will give a speech on the topic of peace and security of the Middle East. “The Vice President will speak about cooperation with our partners on building a strong, safe and economically stable Middle East,” reads the official statement.


The White House has also confirmed that Pence will hold talks with the Polish government about bilateral relations, focusing on energy, military and economic cooperation. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will also be part of the American delegation.


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