Mogherini fails to take a clear stance on Nord Stream 2

The head of EU diplomacy avoids saying anything concrete on what the EC is planning to do about Russian-German gas pipeline Nord Stream 2, reports “Niezależna”. It is clear that little will be done to stop the project going ahead.

editor: REMIX NEWS

The work is already under way and the German government has been doing its best to remove any EU obstacles that could stand in the way of the project.

Visiting Montreal, Mogherini signaled the EC’s unwillingness to take a clear stance. The EU Commissioner was only prepared to say that assuring coherence in energy projects such as Nord Stream 2 was still “a work in progress”.

Mogherini emphasized that maintaining the transit of gas supplies through Ukraine was a joint position, but that maintaining cohesion between the stances and activities of individual member states was another matter.

“A work in progress”

Commenting on energy policy Mogherini said that although this was the responsibility of individual member states efforts were being made to ensure greater coherence. “It is true that dependence on Russian gas is high and that this is one of the reasons for exploring the possibilities of diversifying sources or supply and transmission routes, but this is also a ‘work in progress,” she said.


Mogherini went to Canada to attend the EU-Canada Committee of Ministers. The Canadian Foreign minister Chrystia Freeland said that Canda “values and supports” the maintenance of gas transit through Ukraine. Both diplomats emphasized close relations between the EU and Canada which were based on common values.


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