PKN Orlen expanding in Slovakia

Polish PKN Orlen to extend its business to Slovakia by building gas stations through the Benzina brand. The main goal is to construct 10 new facilities by the end of 2019 and to become a key player in Slovakia’s retail market in the next 2 to 3 years.

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The first station is to be constructed between March and April 2019 in Malacky, West Slovakia. The whole network of stations will be developed through franchised cooperation with smaller gas station operators or takeovers. 

Orlen is also present in the Polish, Czech, German and Lithuanian markets. PKN Orlen possesses the largest network of gas stations in Central-Eastern Europe, with 2,787 facilities. More than 1.6 billion transactions occur daily.

Orlen’s CEO Daniel Obajtek underlined that the company is entering Slovakia as an “experienced, international player.” He also highlighted that “20 percent of Slovakia’s wholesale are products from Orlen’s oil refineries.”

20 percent of Slovakia’s wholesale are products from Orlen’s oil refineries

Obajtek explained that they chose Benzina because it is a brand which is recognized by two thirds of Slovakia’s drivers. “As a long-term leader in the Czech market, having a strong and stable background, we can offer our Slovakian clients services and products of the highest quality, in accordance with their expectations,” Obajtek said.

In Slovakia, Benzina will be utilizing mostly its own gas, whereas in its products outside of gas, customers will be able to purchase products from Poland and the Czech Republic, as well as local ones.


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