Poland among top 3 safest countries in EU: report

Poland join Croatia and Lithuania as the top three safest countries

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: dorzeczy.pl/Eurostat

Only 4.4 percent of Poles reported crimes, violence or vandalism in 2019, which means Poland has one of the lowest crime indexes in the European Union, according to the latest Eurostat report.

Eurostat has released the latest report on the share of people reporting crime, violence or vandalism in their local area. The lowest share of people reporting such incidents in the EU were in Croatia (2.7 percent), Lithuania (3.2 percent) and Poland (4.4 percent).

The situation is the worst in Bulgaria (20.2 percent), Greece (16.9 percent) and the Netherlands (16.3 percent).

In total, an average of 11 percent of the EU’s population reported incidents in 2019. The index of reported crimes has been steadily decreasing since its peak in 2013 (14.1 percent).

Looking at the data, countries which are above the EU average include France (14.7 percent), Belgium (13.3 percent) and Germany (13.1 percent).

In 2019, people living in urban areas reported crimes more than three times as often as those living in rural areas (21.3 percent versus 6.9 percent). Eurostat noted that such a disproportionate difference between urban and rural areas was expected and visible in other studies.

The reporting discrepancy also exists among different socioeconomic strata, with 13.4 percent of people threatened with poverty in the EU saying they were threatened with crime, violence or vandalism in their local areas. Among people not threatened with poverty, this index was lower (10.6 percent).


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