Poland prepares to launch National Vaccination Program

Poland hopes to stem the coronavirus crisis with its National Vaccination Program

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author: Polsat News/PAP

Polish President Andrzej Duda has discussed the details of the Covid-19 vaccination program with Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki and Minister of health Adam Niedzielski, with the government stating that its goal is herd immunity for the Polish population by 2021.
Niedzielski said that he would recommend extending the restrictions that apply throughout the winter holidays “so that we really stay at home and spend them safely as to avoid the third wave of the pandemic.”
He also noted that the rate of decline of new cases was not as large as it used to be in the second half of November.
“I will recommend prolonging the restrictions until Jan. 17,” said Niedzielski.
The health minister also said that the starting group for vaccination were employees of the healthcare system and that administering the vaccine to that group would be completed at the end of February.
Niedzielski’s statement comes in the wake of his meeting on Monday with Duda, Morawiecki and the head of prime minster’s office, Michał Dworczyk. After the meeting, Duda emphasized in a social media post that the upcoming vaccination program is his top priority.
“Ahead of us lies the National Vaccination Program. This is why I invited PM Morawiecki and government representatives. I care about the vaccination process to be conducted efficiently and for the decisions to be accurate, efficient and met with understanding. The health of Poles comes first!” he wrote. Following the meeting, Morawiecki declared that no one would be left without help during the pandemic.
“We are doing everything so that Poles will experience the epidemic as lightly as possible. Those who were forced by the virus to make sacrifices, we are helping them with all measures at the disposal of our state,” the prime minister wrote.
The National Vaccination Program’s goal of herd immunity by 2021 is supposed to be achieved with vaccines which will be free, voluntary and available in two doses. The government plans to provide the first available vaccines to medical staff, nursing home residents, uniformed services, and people aged 60 and above.
Dworczyk said he hopes the government will pass the program bill on Tuesday.


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