Polish MEP: Green, but not a good deal for Poland

PiS MEP Izabela Kloc says that the EU’s climate policies will hurt Poland, which will not be able to keep up with the targets being set

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Anna Wiejak

The European Parliament on Thursday voted to increase the CO2 emission reduction target to 60 percent by 2030. However, according to PiS MEP Izabela Kloc, the European Commission’s analysis, on which the resolution was based, was carried out hurriedly and no alternative course was examined.

Kloc believes there was enormous pressure on the report’s drafters to come out in favor of the new target. But even that report only recommended a reduction of 55 percent, not 60 percent.

The report acknowledges that there will be problems meeting the target, but no analysis of the political, social and financial consequences of forcing through such a radical proposal was presented.


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