The political resurrection of Theresa May

editor: REMIX NEWS

There are only questions and conspiracy theories about what Brussels intends to negotiate. Only six months are left until Brexit, and nothing has been agreed in over a year and a half. From where has the negotiators´ arrogance come from?

A second referendum on Brexit? It is not possible. Britain is the oldest democracy in the world. The referendum on Brexit is valid, the decision has been approved by Parliament. Even though the opposition sometimes speak of such a thing, the new referendum can only address consent or disagreement with what has been negotiated.

The latest draft was politically acceptable in Britain, yet the EU rejected it. Brussels apparently thinks that May´s government is weak, but it is not. The prime minister managed to find a powerful leadership role as the one that fulfils the will of the people.

Therefore, the political upheaval in Britain will not happen. But if Brussels is unwilling to negotiate a joint compromise, it would be a very unfortunate (hostile) divorce. A collapse would drastically affect both parties. EU representatives behave as if they did not know what further wound they would inflict on themselves in today’s weakened position.


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