Pro-lifers from around the globe support Polish constitutional court verdict on eugenic abortion

In a video by portal LifeSiteNews, pro-life activists supported the verdict and praised Poles for defending their churches and monuments

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Do Rzeczy/LifeSiteNews

Renowned personalities from the Catholic pro-life movement decided to support Poles who are defending the constitutional court’s verdict that eugenic abortion is incompatible with the Polish constitution.

Father Frank Pavone of the Priests for Life organization starts the video with the words “God bless you for the way you protect the unborn.” He adds that he would like for his country’s own constitution to protect unborn children as the Polish one does.

“Thank you for resisting efforts to change that, efforts to allow eugenic abortions. Thank you for protecting your churches, your patriotic monuments. You are such an example for the rest of the world, you have endured so much: German occupation, Soviet efforts to control your lives,” he said.

Father Pavone also emphasized Poland’s Christian and Catholic heritage and the number of saints and mystics it has given to the world, as well as Pope John Paul II.

He quoted John Paul II, telling Poles “be not afraid” and ended his clip by asking God to bless Poland.


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