Religion still strong in Poland: survey

There are over 10,000 parishes served by 20,500 priests

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Interia/PAP

A new survey from the Institute of Catholic Church Statistics has found that religion still remains a strong force in Poland.

The research shows little or no change between 2018 and 2017 with regard to numbers of Catholics attending mass or receiving communion.

It seems that after a period of decline in the number of people engaged in religious practice, that number has now stabilized, with 38 percent of Poles participating in regular church attendance and 17 percent for receiving holy communion.

The data from the Institute of Catholic Church Statistics covers a broad range of topics related to the Catholic faith, including the number of parishes, priests, attendance at mass, and religion in schools.

Church attendance ratios are highest in southern Poland (60-70 percent) and the lowest in the north-west area of Szczecin and around the city of Łódz (just over 24 percent).


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