Salvini: 1956 remembers the past but is about the future

The commemoration of the 1956 Hungarian anti-Communist revolution is as much about the future as it is about the past, Italian Minister of Interior Matteo Salvini told Hungarian news agency MTI in an interview.

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Attending a reception in Rome commemorating the 1956 revolution, Salvini said October 23rd (the day when the revolution began in Budapest) was “a symbol of the friendship of the Hungarian and Italian nations, countries and governments but also a symbol of European freedom,” Magyar Hírlap reports.

The Hungarian national day remembers the past, but it is about the future

He said the current Hungarian and Italian governments have common goals and determinations against a Europe that often stomps out the demands of nations, national parliaments and governments.

He said he wanted his children to live in a Europe that is free and respects its nations and citizens. “I want to (see) a Europe much less prone to the influence of financial powers, multinationals, bureaucrats and speculators such as (George) Soros, but instead considers the interests of its nations.”

Asked why he considers Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán his political ally, Salvini said they both fought the same battles even before they knew each other. “We fought similar battles both in Brussels and Strasbourg. We both have our policies centered on job creation, people, families, the right to life and health. We both vindicate our countries the right to control its own economy and thus its future.”

I am very glad that a new Europe is emerging, entirely different than the Europe of Jean-Claude Juncker, Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel, because I think their Europe does not have the answers to our problems


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