Switzerland: Citizens can officially change gender from age 16 with no special requirements

The Swiss have embraced a radically progressive perspective on gender, allowing people to change their gender on official documents on merely a whim

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author: Echo24, vhk
In this file photo dated Saturday, July 6, 2019, participants of the annual LGBTQ pride parade carry the emblematic rainbow flag in Madrid, Spain. (AP Photo/Manu Fernandez)

From Jan. 1, Swiss citizens will be able to have their gender changed at the registration office with no special requirements, putting the country at the forefront of the European movement for gender “self-identification.”

In addition to Ireland, Belgium, Norway, and Portugal, Switzerland is becoming one of the few countries in Europe where it is possible to officially change gender without the need for hormonal therapy or medical examinations.

According to the amendment to the Swiss Civil Code, any person over the age of 16 who is not in legal guardianship can change their gender and name in their statement at the registry office. Citizens under the age of 16 will need to present their guardian’s consent.

This new law is a significant change in Swiss standards, as until now individuals had been required to present a medical certificate of “transgender identity” in Switzerland. Now, it will be enough for those looking to officially change their gender to go to the office and announce that their gender does not match their biological sex. Everyone will be able to have their preferred gender included in the documents.

While some other European countries, including Denmark, Greece, and France, have removed requirements for medical examinations, including gender reassignment surgery, sterilization, or psychiatric examinations, their rules require additional steps or conditions.

Other countries like Hungary have made biological sex from birth unalterable in official documents after a new law passed in 2020.

In a referendum this year, the Swiss also voted to legalize same-sex marriages, including the right to adopt children.

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