TikTok video shows man mocking German energy crisis by turning up heating to max in asylum camp

The unidentified man sparked outrage among German taxpayers in response to the video

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A man professing to be an asylum seeker at a camp in Germany is mocking the country’s energy crisis by filming himself on TikTok turning the gas heating up to the max in his asylum home.

The short video, posted on the social media platform back in September, was accompanied with the caption: “Life as asylum in camp in Germany… You don’t care about bills and it’s on 5 all night.”

The post has been viewed more than 750,000 times to date, prompting furious German taxpayers to express their disgust at the provocative and wasteful act in the comments.

“Yeah, it’s me paying with my taxes!” wrote one social media user.

“And the hardworking citizens will pay (for) their right,” posted another in response to the video while a third asked: “Is this what I pay for?”

Many questioned why the unidentified man was choosing to act in such a profligate way after being taken in by the country and provided with accommodation and refuge.

Although it has not been possible to verify the account’s authenticity, in another TikTok post, the man showed footage of his current living arrangements at what he claims is an asylum camp in Germany. He revealed he has been living at the facility for over three years.

“So, I uploaded a video saying what we have for breakfast in the asylum camp. It was a very simple video, but the comments and the haters, I just want to show you how we are living in the asylum camp.

“I am in this place since more than three years. People must not stay more than 2 or 3 months maximum. Look at this room. We are six persons in this square meters. Yes, thanks to Germany,” he said.

Germany is currently undergoing a gas crisis and there are fears there won’t be enough energy to see the country through the winter.

Schools, nursing homes, and other public buildings have been ordered to dramatically reduce their gas consumption, as the country struggles to fill its storage facilities with gas reserves.

Public buildings will not be permitted to be heated in excess of 19 degrees Celsius this winter, following an announcement by Economy Minister Robert Habeck.

Many cities have already lowered the temperature in public swimming pools and drastically reduced city lighting. Such consumption-saving measures will even see some traffic lights ceasing to operate throughout the winter months.

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