How much did German and Soviet occupation cost Poland in WWII? Polish government to establish Institute for War Losses to back reparations push

The aim of the new institute will to continue work on the reparation assessment of both German and Soviet occupation of Poland during the Second World War and address the reparations Germany and Russia still owe in the eyes of Poland

editor: Grzegorz Adamczyk
Warsaw in 1944.

The Polish government is currently finalizing preparations to establish an independent institute whose goal will be to continue work on the financial assessment of German and Soviet occupation during the Second World War.

“The institute will also ensure that the matter of war reparations reaches a positive conclusion. The Institute for War Losses will continue the work of the parliamentary team for assessing the amount of reparations owed to Poland by Germany for damages caused during the Second World War,” wrote the portal

The team, directed by Law and Justice (PiS) MP Arkadiusz Mularczyk, worked out a broad report supported by analytical data on the subject of Polish war losses. In September, Mularczyk announced that the report was given over to consultation, and it still requires addendum and updating.

“There are a few new elements. For example, the report will be developed by an enumeration of places in which mass murders of Poles were carried out,” the MP said. He added that work on the report will still take a few months and will be translated into both English and German.

Mularczyk stated that the matter of the report’s publication will be associated with political decisions made by both PiS leadership and the government. He assured that the issue of reparations is constantly being brought up by the Polish side during talks with German partners.

Portal believes that the founding of the Institute for War Losses will bring the issue of reparations to a higher, institutional level.

Germany has been resistant in the matter of reparations to Poland over the Second World War, despite the massive destruction it wrought in the country during its occupation.

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