Unregulated entry of Muslims is a security threat

Unregulated entry of people practicing Islam in the Czech Republic is a security threat, claims the National Centre for Combatting Organized Crime in its annual report.

editor: REMIX NEWS

As put by the Centre, there are signals showing an increasing number of companies and agencies owned by people from Arab countries that are arranging Czech visas and residence permits for Muslims. The visas and permits are often covered up as an accompaniment of another sick person and for a treatment in one of the many Czech spas. Additionally, Muslims entering the country like this have large sums of money for which it is almost impossible to identify an origin or a sender, and a planned purpose of use.

Fortunately, the Czech police hasn’t had to handle an open act of terrorism so far. However, the Centre stresses the importance of an ongoing monitoring of Muslim communities. Only then it would be possible to prevent attacks and uncover radicals and groups with beliefs in contradiction to Czech law.

The report also mentions that as conflict in the Middle East is coming to an end, fighters of the so-called Islamic state and their relatives may move to Europe, which would also pose a security threat as they can radicalize and plan an attack on European soil. Moreover, a trend of ‘travelling jihadists’ to Syria via the Czech Republic is still present, as well as their return to Western European countries.


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