V4 shares a positive stance towards nuclear energy

All four Visegrad countries are interested in nuclear energy and the Czech Republic has a strategic energy plan emphasizing its importance, said Czech Industry and Trade Minister Marta Nováková.

editor: REMIX NEWS

Nováková hopes that nuclear energy will be ‘pardoned a little bit more’ by the EU in accordance with its climate protection goals. Nuclear energy might be one of the solutions for de-carbonizing of economies, added Nováková and mentioned that the EU must remain competitive in the global market, keeping in mind the US and China.

The four Visegrad Ministers, or their deputies, responsible for the energy domain held a meeting in Bratislava. Slovak Economy Minister Peter Žiga announced a plan to terminate subsidies for coal mines used for energy purposes in 2023. Nuclear power plants have a great share of the electricity production in Slovakia and two blocks of the Mochovce plant are under construction.

Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš earlier this year stated that Czechia plans to further develop nuclear energy and build new blocks at the Temelín and Dukovany power plants.


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