Wild boar becomes star of social media

A wild boar bursting into a pizza parlor in a small Hungarian town is the new darling of social media – but there are local heroes in this quirky story too.

editor: REMIX NEWS

A photo of a wild boar that decided to visit a pizza parlor in the northeast Hungarian town of Salgótarján is making the rounds on social media. News portal Origo reported that the boar “added some excitement to the patrons’ afternoon” this Thursday.

“Everybody was quite surprised, but with the help of a good friend we managed to remove him from the premises,” pizza parlor owner Magdolna Susán said.

But almost as interesting as the visit itself is the identity of the “good friend”: they are the Ipoly Valley Special Rescue Team, a group of professionals who set up the team in 2015 in the tiny village of Csitár-Nógrádgárdony (population: 415) with the declared goal of “dedicating their free time to solving impossible challenges and selflessly helping our fellow humans in trouble”. The team consists of active and retired firefighters, policemen, swimmers, alpinists and scuba divers.


The Ipoly Valley Special Rescue Team (image from the team’s website)

The team captured the boar and released it in a nearby forest.



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