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FDP freedom of speech Nancy Faeser SPD Germany News Trending
4 WEEKS AGOFDP freedom of speech Nancy Faeser SPD Germany News Trending

‘The fight against the right is turning into a fight against rights’ – Top liberal German politician warns interior minister is ‘threat to democracy’

“The interior minister apparently doesn’t seem to care to be bothered by the fact that she falls into this authoritarian way of thinking,” said a top German politician while criticizing his own coalition partners

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Farmer protests Interview News Poland Remix Exclusive
1M AGOFarmer protests Interview News Poland Remix Exclusive

Exclusive: Elderly Polish farmer faces years in prison after brutal police crackdown during Warsaw protest, warns Ordo Iuris lawyer defending arrested farmers

In an exclusive interview with Remix News, Magdalena Majkowska, a lawyer for the Ordo Iuris Institute, provides an insider’s view into the police brutality and harsh legal methods deployed against farmers, including the arrest of an elderly farmer whose fingers were so worn from labor that the police device could not read his fingerprints

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Breach of law Donald Tusk Left-liberal government TVP Commentary Poland
3M AGOBreach of law Donald Tusk Left-liberal government TVP Commentary Poland

Poland’s new political era: A shift from stability to chaos

As Poland navigates through its first month under a center-left government, the nation witnesses a stark departure from the previous calm and predictability of Mateusz Morawiecki’s era, ushering in a period of heightened political tension and legal ambiguity, writes conservative journalist Piotr Semka

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