Flemish party leader says Hungary’s Orbán needs allies in fight against migration

Brussels only wants to manage migration, not stop it

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Magyar Nemzet
Tom Van Grieken, leader of the Belgian Vlaams Belang party.

Hungary’s Viktor Orbán can bring about changes in the European approach to migration, but he also needs allies to do so, Tom Van Grieken, leader of the Belgian separatist Vlaams Belang party, told Hungarian daily Magyar Nemzet in an interview.

“We are facing increasing migratory pressure, a worsening economic situation, and a political crisis due to Belgium’s unusual state structure and dysfunctional government. The Flemish are most affected by the first two of these problems,” Van Grieken said.

“Belgium is a country that is attractive to immigrants coming to the European Union. However, a large proportion of those who come here do not want to work, the government is unable to protect the country’s borders, and we are unable to integrate immigrants properly,” he said.

“This is compounded by economic problems. Flanders is a very rich region, and until now we have not had to worry about making a living. Now, however, a new social class has emerged, the ‘working poor,’ who are finding it increasingly difficult to pay their bills at the end of the month, especially as energy prices are soaring.”

As Remix News reported this week, reception centers in Belgium are at a breaking point. The government has restricted the intake of single male asylum seekers to make space for children and keep them off the streets.

Van Greiekn added that increasing migratory pressure is a problem that affects all EU countries. In comparison, the new migration pact would still address the issue with the old, flawed approach.

“First of all, it must be said that the migration pact adopted by the interior ministers is a complete disaster, the very starting point is flawed. Brussels only wants to control immigration, not stop it. They want to turn illegal migration into legal migration. In the process, they are ignoring the real needs of the European people.”

The Belgian political leader says the mandatory resettlement quota is also a huge mistake. He described it as if a city were flooded and the leaders tried to remedy the situation by discharging the same amount of water into each basement. He described it as a flawed approach because the first thing one should do is to prevent the water from flooding in.

“That is why I do not believe that the solution to stop migration will come from European bureaucrats. I hope that following the European elections, the right-wing parties will be able to increase their number of seats. We see Fidesz and Viktor Orbán’s policy as an example to follow.”

“He can make a difference, but he needs allies, such as Giorgia Meloni in Italy or the Polish ruling party,” he added.

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