A tsunami of LGBT propaganda is coming to Polish schools

Odd as it may seem, the fact that religion may soon be taken out of schools and be replaced by LGBT indoctrination may be the kind of cathartic moment that is needed, argues Catholic commentator Paweł Chmielewski

editor: Grzegorz Adamczyk
author: Paweł Chmielewski

Not a day goes by without a minister of the Tusk government emphasizing how important same-sex couples are, and the new government is backing this position with a slew of proposals and policy changes.

The Development Minister Krzysztof Hetman, for instance, has made a point of announcing that same-sex couples will qualify for mortgage subsidies. We are soon to have a law on same-sex civil partnerships as a stalking horse for same-sex marriage and adoption of children from IVF-serviced surrogates so that Poland falls into the EU norm on these key social issues. Poland’s constitution sees marriage as being between a man and a woman, but the constitution is now out of fashion in Poland, and EU institutions are pressing for Poland to fall in line.

A campaign to raise awareness about the wonders of same-sex unions and gay sex will no doubt be introduced in schools. Children will learn how such unions are perfectly normal and desirable, and all criticism of them and calls for the Polish constitution to be upheld will be considered to be unlawful as hate speech. 

In this way, we are returning to the kind of education our kids got in communist times, where they were subjected to indoctrination that went so far as to target the family home.

However, there is a paradox regarding the proposals to get rid of religion from schools that may help slow down the coming propaganda drive in schools.

The Episcopate will of course oppose taking religion out of schools, but they are missing the point. Poland’s youth are currently voting with their feet and ceasing to attend religious instruction classes, and this proves that the present model is ineffective and there is no point in trying to defend it.

Returning religious teaching to church halls on weekends could restore a social movement for Catholic education and also take advantage of the fact that young people rebel against authority, and therefore will start to reject LGBT propaganda. Moving these educational programs out of the schools and back into the churches could be a positive trend. Parents will also rebel against the coming propaganda wave and will seek other like-minded individuals and alternative educational avenues for their children.

Already today, small private Catholic schools are being established all over Poland; some of them are achieving great success and transforming into serious institutions offering quality Catholic education. The implementation of the leftist postulate of “removing” religion from schools could, in the longer term, contribute to the further spread of this phenomenon.

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