Czech government approves a hard Brexit bill

The Czech Minister of the Interior, Social Democrat Jan Hamacek, prepared a bill for a hard Brexit option based on requests of all Ministries. In a worst-case scenario, it is just three months away and part of the opposition also calls for a quick adoption of the so-called lex Brexit. The Czech government approved the bill and sent it to parliament.

editor: REMIX NEWS

“If we did not adopt the law on Brexit, we would endanger about 40,000 Czech citizens who live in Britain,” the Interior minister said. People would feel restrictions on free access to the labor market or the fact that they would not be part of the health and social system in the Czech Republic without adopting a bill. The government will want the Chamber of Deputies to approve the law in a fast debate during a single reading.

By the end of 2020, if the law in the Czech Parliament is approved, British citizens will be viewed as citizens of the European Union in the 18 listed categories. This is essential for about 8,000 British people living and working in the Czech Republic. Worsening conditions for them would have a negative impact on Czechs in the UK.

The British government has previously promised that all European (including Czech) citizens living in the United Kingdom will have the right to live and work there based on a valid identity card until the end of 2020.


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