Do the Social Democrats have a foreign policy at all?

Why does the Social Democratic Party (ČSSD) want the post of Foreign Minister if it has no opinion on key foreign policy issues?,’ asks MEP Keller (2014 elections leader of ČSSD) in connection with the vote on Hungary.

editor: REMIX NEWS

Czechs were perfectly divided on Hungary already in the European Parliament, when ten voted for, nine against and two abstained. The recent vote in the Chamber of Deputies ended up in the same confusing manner, one half of MPs stood in solidarity with Hungarians.

Only two out of fifteen Social Democratic MPs found the courage to refuse sanctions. Three agreed with the procedure and ten didn’t have an opinion. So why do we (ČSSD) want the Foreign Ministry seat?

Half of the ANO deputies were for the refusal, but ministers including PM Babiš abstained. On the other hand, Pirates opposed the proposal in total unity, showing they are keener to punish Hungary than TOP 09, which is strongly against Orbán in Brussels.

Thus, the signal is clear – no one can actually rely on us, especially not our allies. And it remains unclear, whose opinion is going to represent President Zeman at the upcoming V4 summit.


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