Duda chose the people over the establishment: opinion

By signing the judicial law amendment, President Andrzej Duda proved that he is on the side of the people

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Marzena Nykiel

President Andrzej Duda’s decision to sign the judicial law amendment, which will implement disciplinary measures on judges who neglect their duties, has infuriated the opposition. They are demanding a State Tribunal and accuse Duda of treason and breaching the constitution.

For what?

Basically, simply for breaking up the system of those who felt they were untouchable for decades.

No other change in the law forced such objections from the opposition as the introduction of the Disciplinary Chamber has. It is important to remember who stood on which side of this conflict.

The tradition of untouchability for judges moved from generation to generation and this pathology which hurt so many citizens only grew. The more stable the judges and lawyers felt in their closed world, the lower the chances for justice for people outside of it.


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