Environmentalism, the new secular religion

They turned modern environmentalism against humanity.

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Bronisław Wildstein

Environmentalism is becoming a secular religion that threatens to undo the good work it has traditionally done.

Behind the rise of this religion is a noble defense of nature, which of course deserves to be defended. But this increasingly popular way of life has many different adherents, some with sinister motives designed to attack through politics or dramatically alter the way humans live for the worse.

Despite this movement being associated with the left, ecologism and environmentalism actually had their origins in conservatism, which at its heart is a defense of what is and what will always be constant and unchangeable.

A social movement designed to protect the environment took off as a social movement in the 19th century and came from a respect of traditional values associated with the nature of being. In fact, much of conservative thought comes from understanding the nature of the world and humanity’s role in it.

Marx and his belief in the “stupidity of rural life”

Traditionally it has been leftist thinkers who have taken issue with nature and those who live amongst it. Many of them rejected the nature of things and humanity, finding much to hate about traditional models of human existence. Karl Marx even wrote about the “stupidity of rural life” without any justification, describing the people who lived closest to nature as backward.

For Marx, the city, the masses and the machine were the future and in many ways, his idols.



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