Fear of migrants cannot be underestimated

Nine out of ten Czechs are afraid of migrants, a follow-up survey by the STEM agency showed. Although it isn’t a sign of mass hysteria, it should give us pause for thought.

editor: REMIX NEWS

As the Paris protests demonstrates, it does not take much to radicalize citizens. Many people are still concerned over migrants fleeing to Europe. The more radical ones even call for tougher measures in order to not allow them to change the face of European countries.

Only a third of people are convinced about any improvement of the refugee situation in the EU. Two thirds of them support the immigration policy of our government. Many people are offended when migration supporters blame them for fear of the unknown. However, according to security experts, people are rather afraid of the growing number of Muslims in Europe than of terrorists.

The reason is because of Muslims´ high birth rates and uncoordinated immigration of family members using the advantage of family reunification law. Czechs are critical of their reluctance to integrate, creating closed communities, promoting a legal system incompatible with ours, and focusing on social benefits. They are afraid Muslims will abuse our democracy to grasp at first the local power, and that those who come to Europe will usually never leave.

More radical citizens even demand tougher measures, and some predict a coming conflict that will decide our future.

At present, about 22,000 Muslims live in the Czech Republic. There are around 27 million in Europe and up to 37 million are expected by 2050. In Russia, as a result of imperial politics, there are 23 million Muslims, 16 percent of the population. That is every seventh inhabitant!

It is believed that France will be the first European Muslim country. Resistance to this reality also increases; Marine Le Pen is now more popular than President Macron.

Also, the burning of Paris does not indicate a good situation and shows that any incitement is sufficient for radicalization – like the problems with migrants, as demonstrated by the recent protests in Germany.


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