Feminists and knickers

A shop window advertising fancy knickers by Marks and Spencer sent feminists up in arms. But are they right? Mandiner columnist Gabriella Lengyel takes a look.

editor: REMIX NEWS

It so happened that in the British city of Nottingham a shop window advertising fancy knickers for women in the Christmas shopping season sent feminists up in arms. These were named “must have” items, while the adjacent window showed elegant suits and shirts for men.

This gross discrimination sent a group of feminist activists protesting and one  of them even wrote “full human rights” on the window.

It is not entirely clear though why all the fuss and why shouldn’t women receive or buy exquisite and expensive underwear for Christmas. Feminists claim that while women were being offered racy red knickers and thus being reduced to sexual objects, the suggestions for men were for elegant suits. But what can you do if men’s underwear is boring, unexciting and functional?

The activist went on the BBC and said that the juxtaposition of the two different offers for men and women was offensive, especially with “must have” written next to the knickers. Yes, yes, women should not radiate sexuality. But what if they want to, what if that’s exactly what they need? There are plenty of women who are more excited about eroticism than social justice or the glass ceiling.

Marks and Spencer responded with saying that this is the season they sell the most underwear for women and sales figures clearly show that women love beautiful, quality underwear. Even if not all of them can afford it, they would gladly have them as Christmas gifts.

Because women don’t care for the opinion of feminists.


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