For a Pole, there is nothing sweeter than Hungarian spring: opinion

Poles will travel for the eighth time to Hungary to celebrate the Hungarian Revolution of 1848

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Wojciech Mucha

Spring is coming, and do you know why? It is because the next Great Journey to Hungary, organized by Poland’s “Gazeta Polska” clubs, is nearly upon us, and this year Poles will jointly celebrate the Hungarian Revolution of 1848.

I’m serious when I say that the moment I get on the train and I meet my friends from the clubs each year is like waking up from hibernation. In a world of increasingly unbearable politics, where it is easier to get kicked in the ankle than to see a genuine smile, I need this journey just as I need fresh air.

Even though our travels to Hungary are still two weeks away, hundreds of participants have already signed up, and the organizers say that there are no free spaces left, which is totally unsurprising.

Whoever has at least once breathed Hungarian spring, seen the Hungarian parliament in the March sun, and seen a Hungarian kiss the Polish flag… Well, it is nearly too much to put into words.

This is much more fun for me than official parties, galas, banquets, and other overtly serious events. This will be a special trip, however, as we must discuss and mobilize ourselves before the May presidential elections in Poland.


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