The global migration pact is a live weapon

The global migration pact is a weapon of the global elite against sovereign nation states, Tamás Fricz writes in a Magyar Idők column.

editor: REMIX NEWS

The global elite is intent on global governance and doesn’t even deny it anymore. I would divide this intent into three distinct areas: the economy, societies and politics. The institutions of global economic dominance are more or less already in place: these include the IMF, the World Bank, but also the WTO, G7 and G20, to name just a few.

The global governance of societies is mainly spearheaded by George Soros and his Open Society Foundation, his so called NGOs through which he intends to transform societies above and below governmental levels.

In politics, the goal is also to establish a global government. The migration crisis – partially triggered by these forces themselves – was very convenient in this sense: organizing migration and changing the ethnic and religious composition of Europe also functions as a test of the new global governance.

But what exactly are the elements of this global governance? First of all, they have singled out the institutions best suited for the goal: globally, the United Nations and in Europe the European Union and its Commission in particular.

The EU leadership and the Brussels elite has long been dedicated to global governance, but in the meantime Soros’ people have also infiltrated the United Nations and do his bidding at every turn.

On August 10th, 2018 Chilean Socialist politician Michelle Bachelet was appointed U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights. During her tenure as president of Chile, she awarded Soros the highest Chilean state award.

But, even more importantly, the assessment of the global migration pact was – on behalf of U.N. Secretary General António Guterres – compiled by none other than the Canadian Louise Arbour, who previously worked as the director of Soros’ Brussels-based international crisis group.

Based on the above, we are probably justified in saying that the global migration pact is a blueprint for mixing ethnicities, religions and cultures into a cosmopolitan global society.

What are now only recommendations of the migration pact will eventually become the ethical and subsequently legal norms. Once this has been achieved, recalcitrant nations will also be penalized for not abiding by them.

But our message from Budapest to the global elite is that we will stand for our values and will not assist in the murder of our national, religious and cultural identity. Never.



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