Greta’s legacy of total ecologism

Konrad Kołodziejski writes that as we search for new sources of energy in a world demanding electricity, Greta Thunberg’s legacy is dangerous.

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Konrad Kołodziejski
via: W Sieci

The Swedish Lutheran church has already named Greta Thunberg the “heir of Jesus Christ” as she became the oracle concerning energy issues. Europe is not only shutting down coal energy plants, but also non-emission nuclear reactors.

And when the Union runs out of electricity, it will have to save itself with gas energy, powered by Russian fuel, because renewable energy sources will not satiate the growing demand for electricity.

The left’s recent ecological campaign with Thunberg at its head was a success. Photos and videos of the Swedish teen fighting for climate in the UN flooded the internet and media. Some loved her, she irritated others, but almost everyone was talking about climate for a few days.


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