Islamophobia is not racism

Remembering the horrific murder of two young Scandinavians in Morocco, commentator Jiri Penas expressed his fear of spreading Islam in Europe.

editor: REMIX NEWS

In Morocco, three young Arabs cruelly murdered two young Scandinavian women who were about to climb up the local mountain range. Some will once again say that it has nothing to do with Islam and that Islam is a different and peaceful religion.

In that case, let these people also say that the gas chambers have nothing to do with Nazism, or that the gulags have nothing to do with Communism because Communism wanted a bright tomorrow and a happy humankind. Does Islam not want it too? Of course, yes. But at first, there must be a lot of cruelty. Maybe for their ugly good they cut those blonde girls´ throats.

The rising tendencies of Islam are already fundamentalist, its spread in Europe is hard to stop and it is also growing demographically. “I’m afraid of it as if I was afraid of Nazism in the 1930s without stopping to appreciate German culture. And I’m afraid of it as the Frenchmen or Americans in the 1950s were afraid of Communism without stopping to want a better life for ordinary Russians,” Penas admitted, adding that in this sense he is an Islamophobe.

Islamophobia is not racism, Islamophobia is in fact closer to humanism than it is a conciliatory nod to one gloomy rite that engulfs the world.


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