Norway’s Soros troops on the offensive

editor: REMIX NEWS

Norwegian NGOs mostly sponsored by billionaire financier George Soros continue their attacks against Hungary but other Central European countries don’t have it much easier either. Poland and the Czech Republic also had their share of protests.

Following an article in Magyar Idők – which quoted Hungarian government officials saying that Norway should not interfere with the internal affairs of the country – Norway’s ambassador to Budapest stated again that they continue to support NGOs.

In June, leaders of several Norwegian NGOs signed a joint declaration condemning the violation of human rights and the restrictions against human rights activists. The document singled out Poland and Hungary as countries that have passed restrictive legislation on civil society. All of the signatories of the declaration are financed by Soros.

This was followed by an Amnesty International (AI) “global meeting” in Warsaw, where they said that the situation of human rights activists has worsened in countries such as Hungary, Poland, Turkey, Mexico and the Philippines. By doing this, they put Hungary and Poland – two safe and stable Central European states – in the same category with others where military coups, drug wars, civil wars or ethnic violence occur regularly.

Soros-funded organizations have stepped up their Budapest activities immediately after the third consecutive election victory of the current ruling coalition, lobbying foreign ambassadors to act against Hungarian legislation requiring NGOs to declare foreign funding in excess of HUF 7.2 million (US$25,600).

The latest development came just a few days ago when Norway entered a lawsuit at the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) against the Hungarian law on the side of the European Commission which started the proceedings.




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