PM Orbán: Western “liberal elites” backing coalition of anti-Semites and former communists

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has expressed astonishment that Western liberal elites from the so-called “mainstream” have thrown their support behind the country’s opposition coalition.

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Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán expressed astonishment that Western liberal elites from the so-called “mainstream” have thrown their support behind the country’s opposition coalition, the two largest parties of which are anti-Semitic and made up of former communists.

Orbán’s words, which may come as a serious shock to many, came earlier this week during a televised interview with Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson in Budapest. Carlson has been broadcasting his show, the most-watched cable news show in the U.S., from the Hungarian capital the entire week. He’s scheduled to speak at the Mathias Corvinus Collegium Festival, which Western media outlets falsely claimed to be a “far-right” event, over the weekend.

When asked about the allegedly obsessive hostility and perceived extreme oppositional attitude that a small group of Western liberal elites – the so-called “international community” – has toward his government and its philosophical underpinnings, Orbán expressed sadness and bewilderment.

“It’s interesting as an American to see this,” Carlson said. “The American media, the Biden administration, and the U.S. Department of State are opposed to you because they say that you’re a totalitarian thug.”

“However, your opponents are a coalition of former communists and anti-Semites. Is it strange to see the American Left rooting for a coalition that includes anti-Semites?” Carlson asked.

In response, Orbán said: “If you were to ask me several years ago if ex-communist political forces and the anti-Semitic right-wing would form a coalition and run together in elections against a pro-Israeli, pro-American, pro-NATO, Western government – like the one we have and the one we are – my answer would’ve been no, it would be impossible.”

“But now, the international community accepts it,” the prime minister added.

As Remix News previously reported, the entire week, Carlson, who’s regarded by many as the most influential figure on the American Right today, has endeavored to familiarize his American audience with the widely successful policies enacted by the Orbán government, policies the majority of conservative Americans would like to see introduced in the US.

Since Monday, the mainstream Western press – who have been criticized for maligning the Hungarian government and its policies – has been running a relentless and dishonest smear campaign against Carlson, Orbán, and those associated with either of them. The liberal press, often referred to as the propaganda wing or communications department for globalist governments around the world, has taken the opportunity to run a torrent of hit pieces on the Fox News anchor himself, as well as conservative Americans, Orbán, his government, and the Hungarian people.

Indeed, it may be said that establishment leftist outlets are using Carlson’s trip to propagate disinformation against right-thinking people. Newspapers and outlets like The Washington Post, CNN, Vox, and Business Insider continue to make outrageous and unfounded claims such as that Hungary’s democracy is in terminal decline, that freedom of the press in the country has not only been eroded but no longer exists, and that Orbán has leveraged his position to enrich his political allies and do away with the independence of the country’s judicial branch.

But despite outwardly championing the rights of historically oppressed minorities and appearing to be on the side of righteousness and justice, Western liberal elites – i.e., Western governments, media, activists and intellectuals – appear to be supporting Hungary’s opposition electoral alliance, the two largest parties of which are known for their open anti-Semitism and sympathy for, or membership in, the country’s communist party.

For those who aren’t aware, Hungary’s opposition coalition, which will attempt to dethrone the ruling national-conservative Fidesz party and its leader Viktor Orbán in the spring of 2022, consists of six parties; with the exception of one, these parties are socially and economically left-wing, favor mass migration and population replacement, and support increased power for the unelected bureaucrats in Brussels over European Union member states.

Members of the opposition electoral alliance include the Democratic Coalition (DK), Hungary’s Green Party (LMP), the Momentum Movement (M), the Hungarian Socialist Party (MSZP), Dialogue for Hungary (a minor Green party), and Jobbik – an extreme-right-turned-conservative people’s party.

In 2012, Marton Gyongyosi, the leader of Jobbik at the time, urged the Hungarian government to draw up a list of Jews – including lawmakers in parliament – who “pose a national security risk” to the country, amid heightened tensions following a brief surge of violence between Palestinians and Israelis in Gaza.

At present, Jobbik is Hungary’s second-largest party, with 21 sitting MPs. It’s the most popular member of the United Coalition, having garnered about 15 percent of the vote in the latest opinion polls. The Democratic Coalition (DK), on the other hand, is the second most popular member of the United Coalition, with 8 sitting MPs, and garnering about 15 percent of the vote if the parliamentary election were held today. Together, the two parties make up two-thirds of the coalition slated to oppose Hungary’s ruling Fidesz this spring in national parliamentary elections.

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