Polarization of society and democracy under threat

It tortures me that we are losing our freedoms, said former Czech president Vaclav Klaus in an interview for Prima TV, adding that multiculturalism is becoming a new religion.

editor: REMIX NEWS

According to Klaus, an ongoing multicultural attack on the foundations of human civilization is a major threat, and migration is only worsening its risks. He thinks that Czech politicians should’ve mentioned it in their new year’s addresses and worked more with our October anniversaries. It is not enough to praise the birth of our nation in 1918, if no one adds the threats the nation states have been facing in 2018, he said.

On the other hand, he didn’t criticize his successor Zeman for using the term ‘better people’ to label a part of the society in his Christmas speech, he claimed that there have always been people like that. There are more important issues to be mentioned, according to Klaus, like the migration crisis and the spreading of green ideology.

Klaus believes that society is polarized. It is us and them in the Czech Republic, where activists threw out flowers from the president and the prime minister on 17th of November, and it is the same in France, as we see in the mass protests taking place there.

According to the former president, our democracy is threatened by bureaucrats, administrative and European structures. The EU continues to threaten the Czech Republic. It is trying to offer us whatever it can, but it can never be our homeland, and that is what is most frightening, said Klaus.

Additionally, international tensions have grown significantly, and we are basically just one step away from the abyss. Klaus sees Ukraine as the main problem confronting the international community today. The country has been lured by Western political elites to provoke Putin’s Russia.

He also doesn’t rule out that he might run for presidency again in 2023, but he is of the view that this is rather a task for new generations. We need a candidate strong enough to resist attacks, added Klaus, and pointed out that his son, Vaclav Klaus Jr., has profiled well and has the courage to stand against the wind. Klaus Jr. has become one of the bookmakers’ favorites for the next presidency.


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