Prof. Andrzej Nowak: The pro-abortion protests are an expression of neo-paganism

The phrase “female barbarian” describes the protesters attacking the Church, says Andrzej Nowak, a Polish historian and professor of Jagiellonian University in Kraków

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Krzysztof Bałękowski

In an interview for portal wPolityce,pl, Professor Andrzej Nowak commented on the genesis of the pro-abortion protest in Poland, its goals and its position in the broader global context.

He explained that the position which pro-abortion protesters are presenting is a kind of neo-paganism which is opposed to Christianity and Catholicism in particular. He echoed the words of 2018 Polish Nobel Prize laureate Olga Tokarczuk who had referred to women as “female warriors”.

Nowak points out that the term which best describes the approach of the organizers of the protest towards the church would be “female barbarians”.

The term does not concern an innocent barbarian who cannot differentiate between good and evil, he explains, but rather a form of “neo-barbarity” whose goal is to consciously destroy tradition and culture associated with the Church.

Professor Nowak emphasizes, however, that the Church has played a very minor role in the Constitutional Court’s historic verdict last week on abortion law, which found that eugenic abortion is unconstitutional. He stated that the Church had not pressured for the decision to be made by the court and some bishops and priests are even distancing themselves away from the issue by stating that the court’s decisive decision was not that good of a thing.


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