Screw you, Brussels!

The EU has made the first step toward disciplining Italy over its excessive 2019 budget. The Commission asked Italy to redo its draft budget, however the Italians reacted in a very typical way and showed Brussels the infamous sign of a cuckold.

editor: REMIX NEWS

Stopping drawing European funds can only lead to early elections in which the current government parties will reach the so called Kimersen outcome. Thus, Juncker will not go for it, even if his “Zeman’s infection” develops into pneumonia. And if so, then Merkel and Macron would send him somewhere to the closed pavilion.

If anything happens, it will be a fall in Italian debt ratings deep into the speculative band, and creditors like pension funds and banks will get rid of Italian bonds with losses for their clients and as usual with the help of taxpayers. This creates the ideal space for speculative investors who know that when the Italians stop paying, the Germans will begin to pay through the purchases of the ECB.

The euro needs to be saved at any cost, and the question of who is paying the price should not be asked in a decent European society. The Italians will get through the rebellion, but it will help them as much as the Greeks, that is not at all. A really good club, the eurozone.


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