The cursed language of the left’s abortion supporters: opinion

The left is using language to manipulate public perception of issues such as abortion

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Jan Pospieszalski

Along with the return of the “Stop Abortion” citizens’ project to the Polish parliament, the conflict and questions surrounding the topic of abortion have come roaring to the forefront of the country’s political debate.

The question remains: What is the dignity of a human life?

Can the value of life be relativized due to a disease of an unborn child or suspicion of impairment or disability?

Owing to the crushing weight of medical and moral arguments, the supporters of abortion do not stand much chance in those areas, so they retreat to language and semantics.

From my personal observations, the majority of people, including those with academic titles, cannot (or will not?) use a logical and disciplined approach to conducting an argument regarding this topic. They prefer to appeal to emotions and drown out debate with linguistic tricks and verbal manipulations.


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